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Valentine Woes

by Ida Barrett | 18 Feb 2020

Ida, My boyfriend and I have been together for about a year now. We are good together. We don't fight really, we go on dates and all of that but I don't feel like he is really trying anymore. He seems to be very comfortable in our relationship which I guess is fine but for Valentine's day we went to dinner. That was it. That was him making an effort. I feel like I go above and beyond for him and he does very little to "show his love". Am I being a "princess" ?? Read More...


This is your slap in the face

by Ida Barrett | 31 Dec 2019

I’ve never felt anything like this before. I caught feelings for a boy, super strong feelings. He’s super nice and sweet and dreamy and attractive. We got pretty close this summer and fall as friends. All my other friends that know him think he’s awful, terrible person, manipulative, bratty, etc. I believed them but I still had feelings for him. He even was serious with me once and told me that I pissed him off and to never do something again. After that we distanced ourselves a bit but I still find him so attractive. I’m in a weird state of I want us to be a thing but also knowing it’s not good and he’s not a good person. Any advice? Read More...


So you want a divorce??

by Ida Barrett | 08 Nov 2019

My wife loves dogs but I can’t stand them. She has one dog that sheds a lot. Its hair gets everywhere, all over the apartment and my things. I thought I’d be ok with having one as long as I didn’t have to take care of it. But more times than not I’m left feeding the dog, letting it out of its crate while she plays on her phone or does whatever, and constantly vacuuming or sweeping the massive amounts of hair this dog leaves everywhere. It’s a good dog but I just can’t stand the dog smell in the apartment, all of the hair...everything! I love my wife but I wish she would just get rid of this dog. I feel its unfair of me to ask her to give up something she loves and sometimes think it’s better if maybe she found someone who loves dogs like she does but I’ve tried to live with it and it gets harder and now the dog kind of annoys me. Is that completely irrational? Nothing against people who like to have pets, it’s just something I could live without. I now see that it’s something that should have been discussed prior to tying the knot. What should I do?! Help! Sincerely Wrong Tree Read More...