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Too sensitive?

by Ida Barrett | 22 Oct 2019

Dear Ida, I’m in a sorority, and for the past two semesters it seems as if none of the girls who are supposed to be my sisters actually like me. Last semester it really made me withdraw into myself. Over the summer I really focused on myself and refreshing for this semester. I’ve been trying to be more involved hoping that people would warm up to me but I still feel like no one wants me around. Sometimes I say something and girls will literally just go mute until I leave the room. Am I too sensitive or is this an actual problem? Read More...


how to ruin a friendship

by Ida Barrett | 07 Oct 2019

Dear Ida, how can I tell if a girl is into me? Should I wait for her to bring it up or should I ask? I feel as though I’ve been pretty obvious, but I’m just not sure. If she doesn’t like me, I don’t want to ruin a potentially good friendship by asking. Send help. Read More...