plants are part of this whole thing too...

Plants are hard especially when my house gets zero, and i mean zero sunlight.

my monstera deliciosa is by far my favorite. my biggest. my baby. i care the most about it.

i picked this one up while i was visiting asheville, nc at a wonderful nursery - Jesse Isarael & Sons Nursery: Check them out if you ever find yourself in asheville, i mean - this plant was (at the time) huge and only $20. i have been itching to make my way back to the nursery for some more babies but for now i have to research the best grow lights...because zero light... zero and i am determined to make this thing flourish.

monsteras are tropical plants, meaning that they like warm, humid weather. if you have the light, this plant is a beautiful addition to your home and is fairly easy to deal with but do not. do not. do not. get one if you have an animal. it is toxic and will cause you a lot of issues if your fur baby ingests it.


Wow so this weekend, my office monstera saw a lot of growth. My office has the perfect light, most of my plants in here are doing so well it is sickening.

monstera deliciosa growth

This new leaf is about 6 inches long. My office gets all the light and has perfect air quality. My boss is a very kind human being that cares for our well being and does things like buys an air purifier for each room.

I am blown. away. About to move all of my plants in here. GROWTH.

To get a little sappy - it is so inspiring to watch plants grow, especially when you've been trying your hardest to keep them happy and give them what they need. It is amazing to see what having the right light, water, nutrients - all the things - means for these plants. If only I could apply this to myself.

What do I need to grow? What do I need to thrive and be my absolute best?

monstera deliciosa in pot

Need advice?