Let's quit everything and travel the world!

Image reading "Ida, I need some advice. I do not like my job and I would much rather travel the world and do fun things like write and paint. But, I have no money. Please advice how I can do this ASAP! Ps. You're the best"

So we have a lot to talk about....

"I do not like my job"

GET OUT OF THERE! Okay so obviously that is so much easier than it sounds but I have seen WAY too many people get stuck in jobs they hate out of fear. Afraid they won't find something better, they will find something better but the pay won't be better, they'll have to move, they'll have to create a new role for themselves...all. the. fear. If you are currently employed and unhappy with your situation, let's change it!

If you don't enjoy your job because of your pay - ASK FOR A RAISE. GET YOUR MONEY. Advocate for yourself. If pay is not the problem, ask for a different role. What DO you want to do?

If the company you're currently at can't provide that start searching. Aggressively. Don't get me wrong, I know searching for a new job is a full time job in itself. It is awful. The two months that I was unemployed were some of the lowest lows I've ever had. It is exhausting, discouraging, and overall just gross but eventually - it ends. And eventually you have an exciting new opportunity.

While you are employed - apply for ALL THE ROLES. Anything you are interested in. Qualified or not.

You want to travel, write, and paint.

YOU BETTER BE DOING THAT EVERYDAY. Okay so not traveling unless your job you hate allows you to work remotely and in that case do that shit.

If you have a passion, follow it. I know, I know "Ida. You're telling me to keep my job. Apply for other jobs. AND write and paint everyday."

I absolutely am and you will thank me for it.

You'll be exhausted and over absolutely everything but, for me, that is usually when my priorities realign themselves and I learn a whole helluva lot more about myself and what I want.

If you're creating for yourself because you love it and you believe it - it will be amazing. You'll prioritize the story you have to tell and the art you're meant to create.

I expect a sign copy of your book - FYI.

More on traveling below...

"I have no money."


This is more general and not really to you (You are still very special to me and this post is about you but to the general public I feel all of this needs to be clear) - GET YOUR FINANCES IN ORDER.

For anyone - being able to do what you want, when you want is the ultimate goal, right? I mean when it comes down to it, we all want to be able to decide what each day looks like for ourselves, not have to show up somewhere, stretch a two hour task over eight hours, fake small talk with people we just "put up with" all to make a dollar.

I am not a financial planner so this is just my opinions but I has some questions for ya...

Do you have a high yield savings account?

If "no", get one. Now. I have an account with Wealthfront and have been V happy so far.

Does your current job that you hate at least offer a 401k plan that they match?

If "yes", are you contributing? If your company matches up to 4%, you better be contributing 4%...

If "no", MAKE THIS A PRIORITY IN YOUR JOB SEARCH. This is "free" money and you deserve it.

Do you have your own IRA?

GET ONE and contribute to it monthly.

Do you have credit card debt?

Your expenses should not exceed 45% of your income. TOTAL. If you have debt - pay. it. off. Do whatever you can to get it down to $0.

If you don't, celebrate and give yourself a gold star because I am proud of you. Keep it this way. And know your credit score.

Recently I read something about budgeting - I can't budget, I don't follow a budget but I also don't spend money because I am terrified of not having money when I need it - post for another time where we can dive into my psyche... but this article talked about budgeting by starting with paying your savings a certain about and the rest is what you have to spend. Although I am not 100% on board with this, the idea does work for some people.

For you, my love, make a point to save for your travels. Do it often and take me with you. I'll split the fare!

Need advice?