COVID-19 times is weird times....

I am not someone that "buys happiness".

I absolutely think that money can buy happiness. Absolutely. Can you be happy without money? Absolutely. But are you more likely going to enjoy your life if you have some money to spend? Yes, of course you are and don't bullshit yourself or anyone else by thinking otherwise.

Now I am not someone that spends money on things...usually.

I do not buy clothes very often, I am still wearing shorts and dresses that I originally bought in middle school. No lie. Yo girl is no fashionista.

I mostly spend money on going out to eat. A lot. A lot of money is spent on wonderful dinners out and that is how I like it.

So when all this started I honestly thought to myself "wow, I'm going to save so much money".


I was SO wrong.

APPARENTLY spending money is a favorite past time for me. Email marketing heavily impacts my spending decisions along with me having to spend a lot of time on a computer daily... I am browsing... I DON'T BROWSE! WHO IS THIS PERSON I HAVE BECOME?!

So anyway, Imma compile the list of shit I've bought because I am literally just bored in the house and can't spend my money out - EVEN THOUGH I AM SPENDING MORE ON FOOD BECAUSE DELIVERY PRICES ARE CRAZY.

*Disclaimer: this is not a brag situation. This is a "Ida, get your shit together and stop buying shit you do not need because you're bored and sad during quarantine" situation so maybe I am publicly shaming myself? But also... I like the things I bought so also...this is a recommendation list? Whatever read it if you want

Shit I've bought in hopes that I will feel anything:

  • Wayne Goss lipliner set and lipstick in Zinnia I have not received either of these yet because they JUST launched at 1pm on May 5th... so like 40 minutes ago as I am writing this but I LOVE Wayne Goss and all of his makeup brushes. Every single person I have used them on has complimented how soft they are.
  • Pressed Flower Frame from MARIAELA on Etsy. This is a gift for my mom for Mother's Day but I'll probably buy some for my home. I love them. Obsessed. Want them in every window.
  • Lora DiCarlo Osé This vibrator won a tech award so I obviously need it. Has not arrived yet. Will ABSOLUTELY be providing a full review upon receipt. Worth reading the whole back story.
  • The World's Whitest White paint from Stuart Semple. I know what you're thinking... "this is a joke, right?" Nope. I work for an artist. He's been down about all this so I wanted him to feel special so he gets to try out the whitest white paint while it is in beta. I am a sweet and caring person.
  • Over-the-Sink Drying Rack from Food52. This is a pre-order. I am SO PUMPED ABOUT THIS THING. Am I gonna wash my dishes more? No. Will it be easier when I do? Hope so.
  • SOMA Water Pitcher Previously had the awkward shaped cone is awkward. Do not recommend BUT because I was not using the cone thing I have 12 unused filters so I needed a new pitcher. Obviously.
  • Cutting Boards ...cause mine all broke. Not joking. Been cutting veggies on a sliver of bamboo...
  • USB Lighter THIS IS THE COOLEST FUCKING THING I OWN. It's got a taser vibe which I am way too in to. Buying these for everyone I know this Christmas.
  • Glass Bowls because I didn't have a single mixing bowl and I just can't disappoint my mother like that.
  • A PSA hat from Onward Reserve. Wash Your Damn Hands. Enough said. Also... wear your masks, stay home, be responsible and caring towards others. kthx.
  • Way too much shit from Amika because I love their hair care and they had a massive sale so... This thing is real cool
  • First Edition of Thursday's Child written by Eartha Kitt. This was insanely hard for me to find but Eartha Kitt was a true gem and anyone who is not familiar needs to read up immediately.
  • EcoWise Mat This is the cushiest yet stable workout mat I've ever experienced. My bones don't like the floor but this mat doesn't make my ankles shake either. Love it. Do I use it enough? No. Does it inspire me to workout? No.
  • Voluspa Laguna Candle this is my favorite scent. I ask for one of these EVERY year for Christmas but apparently Santa's workshop is always out of stock... so I had to step up and be my own Santa Claus... in March.

So there is more but Imma stop there. Apparently 2020 is a year of indulgence for me and my goal for May is to just...not so fingers crossed that I can focus on like...physical activity... or something?

I dunno. What are y'all doing to pass time during Quarantine?

Learning languages?

Learning to code?

Reading things?

Creating things?

Let me know! I hope you're all doing well and not going too crazy during this time. I know I have NOT been handling it well (obv ^^) but here's hoping..


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