Being an ally...

Short answer... yeah actually, yeah it does.

Being an ally does not mean going to drag shows and throwing dollar bills at the fabulous queens... it means standing up for human rights and demanding that EVERYONE regardless of sexual orientation are guaranteed those rights.

If you are dating someone who is not an "ally" and is in any way against those that are not "straight", you are ignoring hate. You're not spreading it but you're not stopping it so no, straight up, ya ain't being an ally.

Have y'all had actual conversations about this? Does the person you're dating actively say hateful things? Do you combat those?

I don't really think this is a hard question. Would you date someone if you know they are a hateful person? I'd hope not. So why the hell are you dating a homophobe?

I'm not going to tell you what to do... I mean that is obviously why you are here but... IN MY OPINION - do better.

This has me thinking of the whole "GBF" BULLSHIT.

Having a "gay" does not make you an ally....because you do not have a gay. If you're a straight person (especially a straight female) please reevaluate how you communicate and interact with your gay (especially gay male) friends. People are not accessories. You don't have some "gay-guide" to listen to your problems. Treat your friends as that - A FRIEND.

I've so often seen people react to their gay friends as if... their lives aren't.... real? They're relationships, breakups, etc... are just "cute" "so back to me"...? nah bitch.

Am I making sense? Do you get me here?

I THANKFULLY, so so so thankfully have never really experienced prejudice. I've had some ...awkward?... exchanges. Explaining that I was staying at this hotel with my girlfriend, that my "so sweet your friends is here" date to a weddings is in fact more than my friend, that I was heading to a girl's house at 2AM after getting wasted downtown together and no, we do not need your prayers - thanks, Uber Driver John.

Again - unless you're trying to hook up with someone, their sexuality should not matter to you.

BUT their sexuality preventing them from having rights? being able to SAFELY walk down the street holding their partner's hand? being gawked at during a weekend getaway at a BNB in some hick town that has never seen a homosexual before?

Yeah, THAT should matter to you. THAT should piss you off. AND YOU, as an ally, should do something about it.

Need advice?